Seven New Uses for a Star Art Sculpture

Uses Star Art Sculpture

If you think about what you can do with an art sculpture, most people may say it’s primarily for display purposes, a focal point of a room or to enhance interior design. That would be the case for most sculptures. Here are seven new functional ways to use a star art sculpture:

1. Mobile Charging Station – The two flat surfaces make a great place to charge your mobile phone, tablet or other portable devices.

2. Door Greeter – Surprise and delight guests when they visit with the star sculpture waiting to greet them at your front entrance. It also could be used to hold small packages and mail deliveries.

3. End Table/Night Stand – Make a statement in your living room or bedroom with this unique piece. Place your favorite lamp and other accessories to complete the look.

4. Entry Table– Everyone needs a place to drop off their keys, wallet, and other miscellaneous items when they get home. The star art serves as a functional “catch all” table.

Uses Star Art Sculpture

5. Still Life Subject – The original design for the star sculpture started out as a sketched drawing. Now you can sketch your own drawings of the sculpture too.

6. Bench – Need to take a break then rest on one of the two flat surfaces. I’ve sat on the star sculpture as a bench when it was on public display.

7. Garden Gnome – Enhance your garden and landscaping with more creativity. Each sculpture is made of fiberglass and a clear varnish coat was applied to protect it from the weather.

What other ways could you use the star sculpture?

Over 50 originally designed star sculptures were featured in the Centennial Star Art public exhibit in Chicago’s North Shore area (Winnetka, IL). As part of the Centennial Anniversary closing celebration, the star sculptures will be auctioned on November 2, 2012. To participate in the Star Art Auction, visit the Winnetka Community House. The auction proceeds will go to a local non-profit organization.

Cynthia Gedemer is a Chicago based contemporary artist who creates abstract and nature artworks from the inspirational travels to Australia, Hawaii and the Caribbean. Her most recent artwork is the Star Sculpture entitled “On the Shore” as seen in the above photos. When she’s not painting, Cynthia works as a Digital Marketing Strategist and Business Coach. Connect with Cynthia on Google+ and Twitter

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