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The Art of Gift Giving and Regifting

Gift Giving Regifting

Over the years, I’ve been asked how do I select the perfect gift for friends and family and how can they do the same? There are several things to take into consideration when selecting a gift before purchasing a present online or in a store. Whether you’re looking for birthday, holiday, wedding or any other important occasion gift, here’s the Art of Gift Giving and Regifting:

Listen for Ideas – Whenever you have a conversation with someone take mental notes of things they talk about. That’s the best place to get gift ideas. For example, a friend had mentioned she had lost her son’s toy that had special meaning. So when I gave her a present for her new baby I found a website that had the toy and included it as part of the gift package. She was so overjoyed to see the toy again and that I remembered the conversation we had months prior.

Make it Personal – While wedding and baby shower registries make selecting a gift easier, consider adding something personal as well, such as beauty/personal care products they can use for themselves. The gift recipient will remember you more than if you just bought them a blender off their registry. In addition, gift cards make a great option to bundle with a personal item.

Keep Within Your Budget – Set a budget for what you can afford and stick to it. A great gift doesn’t have to cost a lot. I’ve been able to find gifts that were half off while keeping within my budget. The result was getting friends and family more quality items than I could otherwise afford. is a good place to shop for any type of gift as well as Premium Outlet Stores that offer special sales throughout the year for even more savings.

Regifting, a Green Way to Recycle – But what about gifts you receive that you don’t want to keep? You can donate it, throw away or regift it. If you do decide to regift, keep track of who gave you the gift first so you don’t accidently give it back. Also it’s a good idea not to regift to someone who may know the person who originally gave you the gift to prevent an awkward situation. Otherwise, regifting may be an additional option to consider.

Remember when you give a gift regardless if it’s an original or regift, it’s a reflection of who you are as a person – generous, thoughtful or a good listener.

What other gift giving or regifting ideas do you have to share?

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Cynthia Gedemer is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Business Coach with over 15 years of experience in growing revenue with innovative marketing programs for Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Telecommunications, and Healthcare industries. Cynthia is also a contemporary artist and enjoys Stand Up Paddle Surfing. Connect with Cynthia on Google+Facebook and Twitter.

Five Simple Ways to Cut Clutter and Keep Organized

cut clutter keep organized

What’s missing from this picture? A framed photo, a smartphone charging station or trash bin. It’s clutter. As a business professional and contemporary artist, I have twice as many ways for clutter to pile up. Paperwork, art supplies, sketches and more paper. There are many ways to cut clutter but it really depends on what you need to organize. Here are five simple tips to keep your business and home organized:

  1. Less is More – When it comes to paper: magazines, paperwork, bills and mail, there are three options to focus on – Recycle, Shred and Archive. Declutter any paper that is no longer needed by recycling. If there is personal identifiable information then cross shred the paper first before recycling. Archive any important documents such as legal forms, receipts, portfolios and contracts and have copies stored in another location.
  2. Keep your Best Dressed – As the seasons change is also becomes a good time to look at what clothes, shoes and accessories can either be donated, tossed or organized. If you have the space, separate the fall/winter items from spring/summer. This will provide more room to keep things in order and for items unused during that season can then be placed in a designated area to be later donated or sold.
  3. Paperless Documents – Although it’s a paperless effort to create electronic documents and photos to decrease paper consumption, files need to be organized in folders in order to locate them as needed. Store extra copies of your files by creating an archival on either an external hard drive or cloud service to prevent losing files on your local computer.
  4. Memorable Items – If you have unused items that have value but are on the fence of parting with them, consider taking a photo to remember the sentimental item. This will not only keep the memory but help you move forward to sell on an auction site or donate.
  5. Clutter Free Zones – With all the other organization tips, having empty space in your office and home is a good thing. Start the habit of not allowing new clutter to consume these clutter free areas by having a specific place for everything you are keeping.

Benefits of Cutting Clutter

  • Feng Shui Effect – When paper and other items have been removed or organized, you’ll notice your work and living space will appear and feel more open. This will also create positive energy to help you stay organized.
  • Helps your Finances – One study had found that individuals who organize their finances through budgeting and planning were 39% wealthier. Being able to access bills in an organized office will help to not miss payments. Even better, use online banking to pay your bills.
  • Decreases Stress – With less clutter you’ll save the mental energy of having to keep track of everything you own. Not to mention less likely to trip over any excess items.
  • Go Green – Use online documents whenever possible instead of printing. By going paperless, you’ll save on print cartridge and paper costs. It’s also better for the environment instead of recycling later.

For more information about keeping organization in your business or home check out the National Association of Professional Organizers. What other ways have you been able to cut clutter and keep organized?

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Cynthia Gedemer is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Business Coach with over 15 years of experience in growing revenue with innovative marketing programs for Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Telecommunications, and Healthcare industries. Connect with Cynthia on  and Twitter.