The Star Art Project – The Finishing Details

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been painting the “On the Shore” Star Sculpture, only a few details remain. With the majority of cool colors in place, I finished the two-tone water by painting the darker blue shade that surrounded the turquoise base. To add some additional texture to the sculpture, I applied a natural sand acrylic medium with the same sand color found on one of my favorite beaches in Aruba.

After signing the front side of the Star, I added two hidden items that only could be viewed in person. The first is a slogan that celebrates the Centennial event and the second is the number that determined where the artwork will be installed during the outdoor public exhibit. After I dropped off the sculpture, a clear varnish coat was applied to protect it from the weather.

After working 62 hours over a 6 week period, preparing and painting a 40lb 12-sided star shaped fiberglass canvas – The Star Art Project was completed.  If you’re traveling to Chicago this summer, don’t miss this outdoor art exhibit featuring over 50 original artist designs.

Star Art Sculpture Finish Details

Star Art Sculpture Finish Details

This is the third of a three blog post series providing a behind the scenes look at the making of the Star Art Project. The Centennial Star Sculpture outdoor public exhibit runs from late May to end of August 2012 in Chicago’s North Shore area (Winnetka, IL). This is a no cost event open to the public. 

Thanks for reading this art post series. Comments? Let me know your thoughts about the finished sculpture design.

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