The Star Art Project – It All Starts with the Title

When I found out I was selected to paint an original art design on a star-shape fiberglass sculpture for the Centennial Art Exhibit in the Chicago’s North Shore area, I felt honored to be part of the historic event. I began to think about what the design concept would represent. The idea of Community, a gathering place where people live and grow developed as the overall concept. As a result the star art title “On the Shore” emerged.  Artwork titles can be of any length but I usually go with something simple and could also have more than one meaning. The title also sets the tone for the entire composition.

With the title chosen, the rest of the concept came together. The color palette was cool vibrant colors to provide a calm and soothing environment. Various sea shells represented the North Shore community as a remembrance of where people have once been and where they currently live. Tone and texture of the sea life would be surrounded by sand to bring an engaging tactile presence while water symbolized movement towards endless possibilities.

I then sketched out the design to be used later as a color guide and placement of all the elements. I also mixed custom green, blue and violet acrylic paint swatches to preselect the best color combinations that work together. With the preparation in place, I’m ready to start painting.

Star Art Sculpture Start Title

This is the first of a three blog post series providing a behind the scenes look at the making of the Star Art Project. The Centennial Star Sculpture outdoor public exhibit runs from late May to end of August 2012 in Chicago’s North Shore area (Winnetka, IL). This is a no cost event open to the public. 

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